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WCI 660 9kg W1 Washing Machine product photo Energyicon energyicon
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Short DescriptionWith TwinDos and large honeycomb drum for the best results.
Promotion: Voucher for free six-month supply* of Miele UltraPhase detergent (worth $900)
Product trial box containing 6 capsules of various types.Perfect for breathable sports clothing
Manufacturer NameMieleMieleMiele
Manufacturer SKU108394001102030010225960
Specific AttributesCapacity: 9 kg
Max. spin speed: 1600 rpm
Display: 1-line DirectSensor White
TwinDos dispensing: Yes
PowerWash 2.0: No
Smoothing function: Pre-ironing
AllergoWash option: Yes
Stains option: 1
82cm built-under possible: Yes
Special feature: -
Dimension: 850 H x 596 W x 636 D (mm)