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WMV 960 WPS 9kg W1 Washing Machine product photo Energyicon energyicon
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Short DescriptionFor best cleaning results and safe use.with touch displays, TwinDos automatic detergent dispensing, PowerWash 2.0 and CapDosingfor cooking food in gravy, stock, water (e.g. rice, pasta).
Manufacturer NameMieleMieleMiele
Manufacturer SKU101731301003936008015103
Specific AttributesCapacity: 9 kg
Max. spin speed: 1600 rpm
Display: TFT Touch display
TwinDos dispensing: Yes
PowerWash 2.0: Yes
Smoothing function: SteamCare
AllergoWash option: Yes
Stains option: 23
82cm built-under possible: No
Special feature: Drum lighting/ Load size & detergent advice/ 10 favourite programmes
Dimension: 850 H x 596 W x 643 D (mm)