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Short DescriptionFor blanching or cooking vegetables, fish, meat and potatoes and much morewith EcoComfort handle and HEPA filter for optimum cleaning.for best cleaning results in Miele dishwashers.
Manufacturer NameMieleMieleMiele
Manufacturer SKU050013701066271010245600
Specific AttributesDust separation: Vortex technology (Bagless)
Color: Lotus White
Max. power: 1100 W
Power adjustment: 4-stage rotary knob
Exhaust filter: Lifetime HEPA filter
Handle: EcoComfort with integrated dusting brush
Standard floorhead: SBD 285-3
Additional floorhead: -
Operation radius: 11 m
Accessories: Upholstery & Crevice nozzle integrated, Dusting brush on handle
360° Swivel casters: 4
Dustbag / Dustbox: Click2Open dustbox & Fine dust container with Gore® CleanStream® filter