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WTD 160 WCS 8/5 kg WT1 Washer-Dryer product photo Energyicon energyicon
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Short DescriptionWith PerfectCare technology for gentle and efficient laundry care.

Defines areas that should not be cleaned by the robot vacuum cleaner.for steam cooking containers.
Manufacturer NameMieleMieleMiele
Manufacturer SKU115765700978266007623900
Specific AttributesWash / Dry capacity: 8 / 5 kg
Max. spin speed: 1500 rpm
Display: 3-digit DirectSensor display
TwinDos dispensing: No
QuickPower Wash & Dry: -
Single Wash&Dry option: No
AddLaundry: Yes
SteamCare/Freshen up: No
PerfectCare Technology (ThermoSpin/Automatic moisture sensing/Honeycomb drum/Automatic fluff rinsing): Yes
ProfiEco Inverter Motor: Yes
82cm built-under possible: Yes
Special features: -
Dimension: 850 H x 596 W x 637 D (mm)
Country of Origin: Germany