UltraPhase Redemption Set - Not for sale

Each set consists:

  • 3 bottles of UltraPhase 1
  • 2 bottles of UltraPhase 2

Redeem your free UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 detergent with the purchase of a new Miele W1 TwinDos washing machine.

Enter your unique voucher code at checkout to redeem your complimentary set.

This product is for redemption only and not for sale. 

$ 900.00
In stock
  • 2-component detergent for whites and coloureds.
  • For brilliant colours and spotlessly white laundry
  • Excellent stain removal properties even at low temperatures
  • No overdosing thanks to automatic dispensing
  • Simply perfect laundry care with Miele

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