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  • TMV 840 WP
    TMV 840 WP
    View Details

    HK$ 27,980.00*

    (price incl. MwSt)

    T1 Heat-pump tumble dryer with touch displays & 9 kg honeycomb drum.

  • TKR 650 WP
    TKR 650 WP
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    HK$ 22,980.00*

    (price incl. MwSt)

    With 9 kg and ProfiEcoMotor – best drying results even for large laundry loads.

  • TKG 640 WP
    TKG 640 WP
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    HK$ 16,980.00*

    (price incl. MwSt)

    With FragranceDos and SteamFinish for smooth laundry and a fresh fragrance.
    8 kg honeycomb drum

  • TDD 120 WP
    TDD 120 WP
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    HK$ 12,980.00*

    (price incl. MwSt)

    With 8 kg honeycomb drum and high efficiency.



  • TDB 120 WP
    TDB 120 WP
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    HK$ 9,980.00*

    (price incl. MwSt)

    With 7 kg honeycomb drum and high efficiency.

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