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Hyclean 3D Efficiency dustbag (Type FJM)

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Hyclean 3D Efficiency dustbag (Type FJM)
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Product ID: 09917710

HK$ 140.00*

(price incl. MwSt)

* Hong Kong retail price

In stock

For S 250 / S 290 / S 300 / S 500 / S 700 / S 4000 / S 6000 / Compact C2
Ensures that dust picked up stays inside the machine.

Miele HK webshop offer:

Buy 3 boxes or above of Hyclean 3D Efficiency dustbag (Type FJM) to enjoy 20% discount#

  • Genuine Miele HyClean FJM dust bags
  • Filters more than 99.9% of all dust particles
  • No dust particles are missed thanks to the exact fit
  • Tear resistant even with sharp objects due to a tear-proof design
  • Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag shutter
  • Contents: 4 dust bags, 1 motor protection filter, 1 exhaust filter

#Offer is valid from 25th May 2017 to 31st December 2017.

item number: 09917710

Hyclean 3D Efficiency dustbag (Type FJM)

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